Great Wheal Vor Protest 89 People Strong and growing

Great Wheal Vor Community And Environment Group

In January 2021 a plan for exploratory drilling came to light. Cornish Tin Limited had approached certain households whose properties were in the Wheal Vor area, close to Breage, three miles from Helston. They were asking landowners to sign agreements to allow them to carry out drilling on their property in return for financial compensation. About 60% of the landowners who had been approached, signed access agreements with Cornish Tin.‚Äč

Cornwall Council and Breage Parish Council were aware of these plans as early as October 2020 and were asked to keep the matter confidential.

When members of the community became aware of the plans to develop mining in the area, a community group was formed to Protect Wheal Vor.

The aims of the Group are:

  • To question the assumptions of Cornish Tin
  • To provide robust opposition to full-scale mining
  • To provide information and an educational resource
  • To Protect Wheal Vor, its wildlife, its environment and its groundwater and watercourses for ourselves and future generations.
  • To promote and foster the interests of the Breage Parish and Wheal Vor area community

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