Snooker Club

Mens’ Institute Snooker & Billiards Club

Membership £10.00 per year

Room accessible all the time

Key pad number issued on membership

Contact : Spencer Richards 01326561363 or Mike Jacka 01736 762448

The Billiard and Snooker Club is managed by the Carleen Mens’ Institute.  It was founded in 1901 and is still operating today. Originally it was a small wooden and galvanised shed, big enough to house a full sized snooker table. It thrived for many years and was a great asset to the community.  Teams competed in the local leagues and won many trophies.

Over time, the building deteriorated and historically a local gentleman had donated some land to the village to support the local men returning from the War, which had never been used.  Together with grant funding, the land was sold and provided the funding for a new Village Hall and Snooker Room on the site of the original Club House.

The Village Hall has pride in it’s snooker room with a full size snooker table and easy access to all its members.  We would love to see it used to its full potential again.